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Hi, I`m Sheila Waksman, a native Brazilian teacher, born in Minas Gerais, raised in Rio de Janeiro, and now living and teaching Portuguese to foreigners in Salvador, Bahia. I have extensive experience tutoring Portuguese in Brazil and abroad.  (Prior to living in Salvador I spent 10 years traveling around the world: Nepal, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Cape Verde, Argentina, Canada and United States). I speak fluent English and have a basic knowledge of Japanese and Hebrew.

I have worked at Portuguese language schools and with NGOs, addressing the specific needs of researchers, social workers, NGO personnel, travelers, students, musicians, business people, and doctors.

Básica Língua is a Portuguese Language Program that offers intensive one-on-one and semi-private immersion programs in Salvador for individuals, couples and small groups. The classes are for any level of Brazilian Portuguese, from beginner to the most advanced. The Portuguese program includes all study materials and an orientation tour to introduce students to the area.

Online classes are for those who want to learn or need to practice Portuguese but don't have the opportunity or time to travel.

Portuguese for Spanish speakers is a course specially designed taking into account the similarities between Spanish and Portuguese. Students can learn at a faster rate.

Those who study Portuguese in Salvador will have their experience enriched by immersing themselves in the historical Afro-Brazilian culture. The African influence can be felt throughout Brazil, but it is especially vibrant here where the artistic, culinary, and religious legacies continue to thrive.

Students will learn Portuguese in small group classes (max. 3 people) that provide ample time to have all grammatical questions addressed and frequent opportunities to practice speaking and writing in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Experience has shown that by limiting the class size, students are able to focus and progress more effectively in the language.

Private Portuguese lessons are ideal for those who wish to gain fluency quickly and develop their specific language needs.

In addition to learning and studying Portuguese in Salvador, the lessons familiarize the student with many aspects of Brazilian culture - music, dance, literature, Capoeira, Candomblé, slang, and regional differences in language. This provides students with more insight into the Brazilian customs here in Salvador and the people from Brazil.

In Salvador, there are many opportunities for students to observe and participate in a Capoeira class ( Capoeira was created by African slaves, about 400 years ago as a martial art and now is also a traditional, social event filled with music, movement, and graceful strength ). There is also a wide variety of dance classes offered, from Afro-Brazilian to Forró, which is a style of Brazilian dance and music that is built around a trio of accordion, triangle and ZABUMBA ( a small bass drum with as huge sound ). After the festival of Carnaval, Forró is the most popular dance and music in Brazil.

Besides the Portuguese courses, we provide assistance with lodging (homestays, hotels, furnished apartments) and orientation. We also provide contacts for those students who are interested in doing volunteer work, Capoeira and dance classes.

Since I have spent many years traveling, I believe I am better able to help students overcome the cultural differences they will encounter when they study, learn, and work in Brazil.

Sheila Waksman

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